Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another great video

Guy Kawasaki, whose books and blog I enjoy has one of his presentations available over the net. The Art of Innovation is based on his book, The Art of the Start and on notes from his blog.

I found the things that he said to be quite useful. They reinforced some previous lessons learned and confirmed some of my current approaches. I'd recommend it for anyone in a small startup situation.

You can see the video by clicking here.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Interesting Video Lecture

I love the internet! Especially with everyone having high bandwidth connections.

I'm a regular reader of Seth Godin's blog. But I've never had the pleasure of meeting him or seeing him do a presentation in person. And unless I end up at a conference where he's giving a lecture (not likely any time soon), I'd probably not get to hear him talk any time soon.

But thanks to Seth and to Google Video, I got a chance to see him present on the topic of "All Marketers are Liars" at the Google HQ.

I'd read the book, but hearing the talk -- and the associated Q&A was very informative. I'll be taking a lot of new ideas about my web development away from this.

I wonder if something like this will be "permanently" available on google's site? I might want to rewatch it in a year or so. I'd rather not download it and archive it just to make sure it is available.

You can click here to see the video direct on the google site or just hit play below.